Middlesex Centre Municipal Office



The Council of the Municipality of Middlesex Centre will meet on November 13, 2019 at 9:15 a.m.

1.0             CALL TO ORDER

Mayor DeViet to call the meeting to order at 9:15 a.m. and will directly into Closed Session.  The regular meeting will reconvene at approximately 9:30 a.m.


The Municipal Conflict of Interest Act requires any member of Council declaring a pecuniary interest and the general nature thereof, where the interest of a member of Council has not been disclosed by reason of the member’s absence from the meeting, to disclose the interest at the first open meeting attended by the member of Council and otherwise comply with the Act.


4.1 Closed Session Item

R2019 THAT the addition to the agenda be approved by Council.

4.0               CLOSED SESSION

R2019- THAT Council adjourn to closed session at __________ pursuant to Section 239 (2) of the Municipal Act, 2001, as amended to discuss the following matter:

4.1        Section 239 (2) labour relations or employee negotiations;

R2019- THAT Council do now rise out of closed session at________ a.m.


October 23, 2019 

R2019- THAT the minutes of the October 23, 2019 meeting of Council be adopted as printed.


6.1            Enbridge Gas Inc., Project Zero Program Presentation by Don Beauchamp, Manager, Central Operations, Enbridge Gas Inc. and Nelly Green, Fire Protection Adviser, Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management

R2019- THAT the presentation Project Zero Program be received as information.

6.2               Consideration of Drainage Works - Government Drain No. 1 Extension 2019 Report

Mike DeVos, Engineer from Spriet Associates Inc. to present the report for the Government Drain No. 1 Extension 2019

Effected parties may speak to the report

R2019- THAT the Council for the Municipality of Middlesex Centre approves the drainage works for the Government Drain No. 1 Extension 2019 as detailed in the engineer’s report, dated September 20, 2019 as presented by Mike DeVos, from Spriet Associates Inc.;

AND THAT the Court of Revision date be scheduled for December 18, 2019;

AND FURTHER THAT Councillors: _____________, _______________, ______________________ be appointed to sit as the Committee.

7.0             CONSENT AGENDA

Items listed under the Consent Agenda are considered routine and may require discussion but no action on the part of Council. Consent items are received in one motion. Council members may request that one or more item be removed for further action.

7.1             BLD-17-2019 - Regulation of Cats Within Middlesex Centre

7.2             CPS-77-2019 – Auditor Appointment

7.3             CPS-78-2019 - Compensation Management – Overtime Procedures

7.4             CPS-81-2019 – Capital Budget to Actual

7.5             CPS-82-2019 – Budget to Actual October 2019

7.6             CPS-83-2019 – Fees and Charges By-law 2020

7.7             CPS-84-2019 – Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund 2020

7.8             PWE-33-2019 - Lewington Municipal Drain Request for Improvement

R2019- THAT the Council for the Municipality of Middlesex Centre approves the recommendations in the Consent Agenda items 7.1 through to 7.8.

8.0             STAFF REPORTS

8.1     CAO-08-2019- 2020 Pay Grid Review

R2019- THAT the 2020 Pay Grid Review appended to Report CAO-09-2019 be approved.

8.2             FS 08-2019 - Supply and Delivery of One (1) Fire Apparatus Pumper-Tanker

R2019- THAT the supply and delivery of one (1) Fire Apparatus Pumper-Tanker be awarded to the lowest tender bid submission received from MetalFab/Carrier Truck Centre for $447,122.84 plus HST in accordance with the 2019 approved Capital Budget.

8.3              PWE-32 - 2019 - Glendon Dr Developments Security Reduction – 10148 Glendon Dr

R2019- THAT the security reduction request submitted by the Developer, Glendon Drive Developments Inc., be granted and the security released in its entirety.

8.4              PWE-34-2019 - 2020 Water, Wastewater and Stormwater Rate Proposal

R2019- THAT Council approve the 2020 water and wastewater rates for Middlesex Centre as recommended by BMA Management Consulting Inc.

8.5              PWE-35-2019 - 2020 Waste Management Program Fees

R2019- THAT 2020 waste collection fees (wheelie bin fees) be increased by 20% from current 2019 rates and that these updated fees be included in the Fee By-Law.

8.6              PWE-36-2019 – Full Time Operator – Lead Hand

R2019- THAT the position of a Lead Hand Operator be pre-approved for Public Works and Engineering’s Transportation Division for the 2020 Operating Budget;

AND THAT the seasonal year round contract position be removed in lieu of the additional lead hand position created.

8.7              CPS-80-2019 – Capital Budget 2020 Report & Presentation

R2019- THAT the Capital Budget 2020 report and presentation be received as information.

9.0             PUBLIC MEETING


10.0        NOTICE OF MOTION



11.1            Ausable Bayfield Conservation – Board of Directors agenda, November 14, 2019

11.2            Upper Thames River Conservation – Board of Directors Minutes, September 24, 2019

11.3            Upper Thames River Conservation Authority– 2020 Draft Budget

11.4            Lower Thames Conservation – Board of Directors Minutes, October 17, 2019

11.5           Lower Thames Conservation – Media Release - Calling for Nominations for its annual ‘Awards for Volunteer Heroes’

11.6           Lower Thames Conservation - Media Release 2 - “Season’s Greetings” from Longwoods Road Conservation Area and Ska-Nah-Doht Village and Museum!

11.7           St. Clair Conservation - Update

11.8           Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing – Updates

11.9           Ministry of Finance – Release of the 2020 Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund (OMPF) Allocations

11.10      Town of Ingersoll - Support for Continuation of Mandatory and Non-Mandatory Programs of the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority

R2019- THAT the Council for the Municipality of Middlesex Centre receives the Correspondence item 11.1 through to 11.10 as information.


13.0        OTHER BUSINESS

14.0        BY-LAWS

14.1           By-Law 2019-103 - (First and Second Reading) - To provide a drainage works to be known as the Government Drain No. 1 Extension 2019

14.2           By-Law 2019-104 To approve and ratify a Site Plan Control Agreement between Ilderton Pet Hospital Professional Corporation and The Municipality of Middlesex Centre

14.3           By-Law 2019-105 - To adopt a Municipal policy entitled “Compensation Management – Overtime Procedure”

14.4           By-Law 2019-106 To accept and assume ownership of the works on registered plan 33M-598 (Geographic Township of Lobo) Valleyview Subdivision, Komoka

14.5            By-Law 2019-107 - To adopt and confirm all actions and proceedings of the Council of the Municipality of Middlesex Centre at the Council meeting held on November 13, 2019

R2019- THAT By-Law 2019-103 be read a first and second time and provisionally adopted;

AND THAT By-Laws 2019-104 through to 2019-107, inclusive, be approved, passed and adopted.

15.0        ADJOURNMENT

R2019- THAT the Council for the Municipality of Middlesex Centre adjourns the November 13, 2019 Regular Council meeting at ___________ p.m.