WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20, 2019 6:00 PM
Middlesex Centre Municipal Office



The Municipal Council of the Municipality of Middlesex Centre will meet on March 20, 2019 at 6:00 pm.

1.0             CALL TO ORDER

Mayor DeViet to call the meeting to order at 6:00 pm.

2.0               CLOSED SESSION



The Municipal Conflict of Interest Act requires any member of Council declaring a pecuniary interest and the general nature thereof, where the interest of a member of Council has not been disclosed by reason of the member’s absence from the meeting, to disclose the interest at the first open meeting attended by the member of Council and otherwise comply with the Act.




March 6, 2019 Minutes 

R2019- THAT the minutes of the March 6, 2019 meeting of Council be adopted as printed.


6.1                Emmy Nguyen – Delegation requesting relief from an invoice received from Fire Services

6.1.1                FS-03-2019 - Appeal of Invoice Charges – Emergency Response

R2019-  THAT the request from Emmy Nguyen to reverse invoiced fees associated with a Motor Vehicle Collision/Incident (MVC) which took place on August 30th, 2018 in the vicinity of 21463 Clarke Road be received.

7.0             CONSENT AGENDA

Items listed under the Consent Agenda are considered routine and may require discussion but no action on the part of Council. Consent items are received in one motion. Council members may request that one or more item be removed for further action.

7.1                BLD-05-2019 - January 2019 Building Permit Report

7.2                BLD-06-2019 - February Building Permit Report

7.3                BLD-07-2019 - 2018 Animal Control Year End Summary

7.4                CPS-23-2019 – Budget to Actual February 2019

7.5                CPS-25-2019 – Annual Repayment Limit 2019

R2019- THAT the Council for the Municipality of Middlesex Centre receives the Consent Agenda items 7.1 through # as information.

8.0             STAFF REPORTS

8.1                PWE 09-2019 – Hyde Park Road – Middlesex County Pedestrian Crosswalk

Chris Traini, Middlesex County Engineer will be in attendance

R2019 - THAT, council receive information for the crosswalk implemented on Hyde Park Road within Middlesex County’s jurisdiction, as guided by the Middlesex County Crosswalk Guidelines endorsed by County Council on October 24, 2017.


8.2                PWE 08-2019 - 2019 Concrete Replacement Program Tender PWE 19-05 Results

R2019- THAT the 2019 Concrete Replacement Program be awarded to the lowest tender bid submission received from Autoform Contracting London Ltd. in the amount of $111,820.75 (excluding HST); and

FURTHER THAT the Mayor and Clerk be authorized to execute the necessary documents.

8.3                C-04-2019 - Plaque of Loyalists Lieutenant – Colonel Daniel Springers

R2019- THAT the Council for the Municipality of Middlesex Centre approves the placement of the United Empire Loyalist Burial Ground Plaque in Tiffany’s Pioneer Cemetery in Delaware.


8.4                CPS-24-2019 - Council Grants Program 2019

R2019- THAT the request from Optimist Club of Ilderton be approved in the amount of $480.00 in accordance with the Council Grants Policy;

AND FURTHER THAT staff be directed to prepare correspondence and issue payment to the Optimist Club of Ilderton.


8.5                PLA-13-2019 - Application for Draft Plan of Subdivision; 39T-MC-1801; 10114 Oxbow Drive

R2019- THAT the County of Middlesex be advised that Middlesex Centre recommends draft plan approval for a period of three years for County File No. 39T-MC1801, subject to the conditions of draft plan approval included in Attachment 5 of the report.


8.6                PLA-22-2019Layng Severance Agreement

R2019- THAT the Council for the Municipality of Middlesex Centre provides direction to staff to remove the severance agreement that was registered on the subject property, described as Part South Half Lot 29, Concession 15, Geographic Township of London.


9.0               COMMITTEE OF ADJUSTMENT – 7:00 pm

R2019- THAT Council adjourn its regular meeting at _____pm in order to sit as a Committee of Adjustment under Section 45 of The Planning Act R.S.O., 1990, as amended. To consider the following Minor Variance application:

9.1                A-01-2019 - Liane Allen -15307 Medway Road (County Road 28)

9.1.1                 Planning Report PLA-14-2019

R2019- THAT Minor Variance Application A-01/19, filed by Steve Allen on behalf of Liane Allen for relief from the Comprehensive Zoning By-laws maximum size of an accessory building of 60.0 m², whereas the owners are proposing a maximum size of 86.0 m² for all accessory buildings; for a property known municipally as 15307 Medway Road, be granted.

FURTHER THAT the reasons for granting Minor Variance Application A-01/19 include:

 The request complies with the general intent and purpose of Middlesex Centre’s Official Plan;

 The request complies with the general intent and purpose of Middlesex Centre’s Comprehensive Zoning By-law;

 The request is minor in nature; and

 The request represents appropriate development on the subject property.


R2019 That the Committee do now rise out of the Committee of Adjustment and go back into the regular Council meeting.


R2019- THAT Council move into Public Meeting at ________pm under Section 53 & 39 of the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. P13, as amended, to consider the following applications:

At this time in the meeting Council will relocate to the Coldstream Community Centre to be able to accommodate for the public in attendance for the Zoning Amendment application file ZBA-03-2019 and the Draft Plan of Subdivision for Part Lot 26, Concession 10, Phase 5 (Timberwalk Subdivision), submitted by Sifton Properties Ltd.  Council will not be making a decision this evening but rather receiving comments from the public for consideration at a future Council meeting.

Council will reconvene in the Council Chamber after the first the first application has been heard.

10.1           ZBA-03-2019 & Draft Plan of SubdivisionSifton Properties Ltd., Part Lot 26, Concession 10, Timberwalk Phase 5

10.1.1 Planning Report PLA-16-2019

R2019- THAT the comments presented from the public meeting and report PLA-16-2019 be received as information.

10.2           ZBA-06-2019 - 2270942 Ontario Ltd.; 10125 Oxbow Drive

10.2.1      Planning ReportPLA-18-2019

R2019- THAT Zoning By-law Amendment application ZBA 06 2019 for the severed lands of a property known municipally as 10125 Oxbow Drive in order to rezone the subject lands from the Extractive Industrial (M4) Zone to a site-specific Urban Residential First Density (UR1-41) zone be approved.


10.3           ZBA-07-2019 Qutaiba Tawfic Medicine Professional Corporation; 6936 Egremont Drive

10.3.1      Planning ReportPLA-19-2019

10.3.2      Monteith Brown Planning Consultants – response to public comments

R2019- THAT Report PLA-19-2019 be received for information.


10.4           ZBA-08-2019 J.E. Henderson Farms Ltd. – 9800 Oxbow Drive

10.4.1  Planning Report PLA-20-2019

R2019- THAT the Zoning By-law Amendment application, filed by Jennifer Henderson on behalf of J.E. Henderson Farms Ltd. for the severed and retained lands of Consent B-14/18 in order to implement the severance of a surplus farm residence, be approved.


10.5           ZBA-09-2019 – Stephen Bradish – 3716 Brigham Road

10.5.1           Planning Report – PLA-21-2019

R2019- THAT Zoning By-law Amendment Application ZBA-09-19, filed by Stephen Bradish, in order to permit two single-detached dwellings on one property for up to three years while a new residence is being constructed on the land, be approved,

AND FURTHER THAT the owners be required to enter into a Temporary Use Agreement with the Municipality and submit a deposit of $10,000 to ensure that the removal of the existing residence occurs.


10.6           ZBA-05-2019 – Scott Campbell – 5233 Egremont Drive

10.6.1           Planning Report - PLA-17-2019

R2019- THAT Zoning By-law Amendment ZBA 05 2019 for a property known municipally as 5233 Egremont Drive to rezone the property from the Existing Use (EU) zone to site-specific Agricultural (A1-34) zone be amended to rezone the subject property from the Existing Use (EU) zone to a site-specific Open Space (OS-7) zone and site-specific Agricultural (A1-34) zone be approved.


R2019-  That Council do now Close the Public Meeting and go back into the regular Council meeting.

11.0           NOTICE OF MOTION



12.1           City of Guelph - Maintaining the Voters’ List for Municipal Elections

12.2           Township of Lucan Biddulph - Building and By-Law Enforcement Department – Year End Summary, 2018

12.3           Kingsville Resolution of support for Declaration of Office

12.4           Poplar Hill Lions Club– Letter of appreciation

12.5           Species at Risk Program - the Regulatory Impact Statement Analysis

12.6           Quinte West – Resolution re: Bottled Water

12.7           Saugeen Shores – Resolution re: accepting applications for funding under the “Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program”

12.8           UTRCA– 2019 Budget Approved

12.9           Middlesex County – Requirements of the Ontario Weed Control Act

R2019- THAT the Council for the Municipality of Middlesex Centre receives the Correspondence item 12.1 through to 12.9 as information.


14.0        OTHER BUSINESS


15.0        BY-LAWS

15.1           2019-027 – To Appoint a Weed Inspector for the Municipality of Middlesex Centre for the Years 2019-2022

15.2           2019-028 - To amend By-Law 2018-103 being a by-law to appoint members of Council and members of the public to the committees of Council and local boards of the Municipality of Middlesex Centre.

15.3           2019-029 - To amend the Middlesex Center Comprehensive Zoning by-law 2005-005 with respect to Part of Lot 7, Concession 3 (Geographic Township of Delaware), Roll Number: 393901901019100 (ZBA-09-2019)

15.4           2019-030 - To amend the Middlesex Center Comprehensive Zoning By-Law 2005-005 with respect to Part of Lot 7, Concession 3 (geographic Township of Delaware), Roll number: 393901901019100 (ZBA-09-2019, Temp Use Agreement)

15.5           2019-031 - To amend the Middlesex Centre Comprehensive Zoning By-Law 2005-005 with respect to Part of Lot 6, Concession 2 (Geographic Township of Lobo), Roll Number: 393900002030801 (ZBA-06-2019)

15.6           2019-032 - To amend the Middlesex Centre Comprehensive Zoning By-Law 2005-005 with respect to part of lot 3 and part lot 4, concession 3 (geographic township of lobo), roll number: 393900002033200 (ZBA-08-2019)

15.7           2019-033 - To approve and ratify a Severance and Development Agreement between Michelle Doornbosch and Jeremy Doornbosche as the “Owners” and the Municipality of Middlesex Centre as the “Municipality” for land legally described as PT LT 14 P34PL305 as in MW57958 Middlesex Centre TWP, being all of PIN 08509-0085 (LT)

15.8           2019-034- To amend the Middlesex Center Comprehensive Zoning By-Law 2005-005 with respect to Part of Lot 4, Concession 8 (Geographic Township of Lobo), Roll Number: 393900003005300 (ZBA-05-2019)

15.9           2019-035 - To adopt and confirm all actions and proceedings of the Council of the Municipality of Middlesex Centre at the Council meeting held on March 20, 2019

R2019- THAT By-Laws 2019-027 through to 2019-035 inclusive be approved passed and adopted.


16.0           ADJOURNMENT

R2019- THAT the Council for the Municipality of Middlesex Centre adjourns the March 20, 2019 Regular Council meeting at ___________ p.m.

The next Council regular meeting of Council is Wednesday, April 10, 2019 at 6:00 pm in the Council Chambers located at 10227 Ilderton Road in Coldstream;

Additionally there will be a special meeting of Council held on Wednesday, March 27, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers located at 10227 Ilderton Road in Coldstream.